singer and songwriter was born on September 18, 1981 in Ukraine.


"With my music, I want to say that any person can be happy at any age and make the dream come true".

Mila Shariy is a singer and songwriter born in Ukraine. From early childhood Mila has expressed her love for music and participated very actively in her school and town music concerts. 

After she moved to Italy, Mila has continued her artistic life by collaborating with local music bands.

"Music is a way of personal expression for me... I sing because I want to share my emotions and feelings with other people... my life experience.

The main fonts of my inspiration are nature, people and the music itself. Through my performances I want to deliver a message to the society, show that any person can be happy and successful. Make any dream come true and do whatever a person loves at any age ".


In Mila's near future she is going to air her first album and music video.